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Segregation, recirculation and deposition of coarse particles near two-dimensional avalanche fronts

Gray, J. M. N. T. & Ancey, C.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 629 (2009),   pp. 387- 423

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Movie 1. An animation showing how the stratification pattern shown in figure 1 is built up by the passage of two avalanches. Each avalanche has a coarse rich flow front and is strongly inversely graded behind, with large white sugar crystals on top of smaller more mobile iron spheres. The avalanches are brought to rest by a normal shock (Gray & Hutter 1997; Gray, Tai & Noelle 2003) and the stationary free-surface forms the new slope for the next avalanche to flow down. By placing a ruler along the initial slope of the pile it is possible to visualize the deposition of large particles as the coarse rich front flows past. Download movie.

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