CJO Mobile


CJO Mobile (CJOm) is an alternative version of Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) that has been optimised for smartphones and other small mobile devices.  The design has been streamlined to speed up access and make navigation easier on a small screen.

Mobile devices are detected and automatically directed to CJOm, but you can also reach CJOm via the following dedicated url:


Total synergy between CJO and CJOm

If CJOm users sign up for content alerts, or save searches or articles, these will be available on the main CJO and vice versa. So if you find an article while browsing on your mobile and apply a bookmark, you will quickly be able to find and read the article when you return to your desktop PC or Mac.

CJOm also functions as a low bandwidth version of CJO

Thanks to the simplified design, low resolution images and an emphasis on text, CJOm also functions as a faster access point for readers in countries with low bandwidth internet access. These users should access CJOm via one of the urls listed above.

Larger mobile devices

CJOm was developed for the increasing number of our readers accessing from handheld mobile devices with small displays. Users of larger devices, such as netbooks or iPad™, will find they can take advantage of the rich user experience offered by CJO.

Do you have any feedback?

We are indebted to the library and academic communities for input into the development of both CJO and CJOm.  If you have any feedback about CJOm, we would love to hear from you.  To submit your feedback please visit: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/feedback