Emerging Markets: Articles drawn from Business History Review

This bespoke online volume of Business History Review draws together a series of articles on the history of business in emerging markets. The articles treat a range of topics—including regulation, decolonization, culture, foreign investment, and infrastructure—and include coverage of Africa, Latin America, and Asia. It also contains an extensive bibliography of other articles drawn from our pages. BHR is committed to continuing our long-standing tradition of publishing of articles of the highest standard on the history of emerging markets.

Latin America

Marcelo Bucheli, Enforcing Business Contracts in South America: The United Fruit Company and Colombian Banana Planters in the Twentieth Century, vol. 78, iss. 2

Aurora Gomez-Galvarriato, Networks and Entrepreneurship: The Modernization of the Textile Business in Porfirian Mexico, vol. 82, iss. 3

Stephen H. Haber, Business Enterprise and the Great Depression in Brazil: A Study of Profits and Losses in Textile Manufacturing, vol. 66, iss. 2

Norma S. Lanciotti, Foreign Investments in Electric Utilities: A Comparative Analysis of Belgian and American Companies in Argentina, 1890-1960, vol. 82, iss. 3

Aldo Musacchio, Laws versus Contracts: Shareholder Protections and Ownership Concentration in Brazil, 1890-1950, vol. 82, iss. 3

Frank Safford, Foreign and National Enterprise in Nineteenth-Century Colombia, vol. 39, iss. 4


Ian Brown, Tracing Burma’s Economic Failure to its Colonial Inheritance, vol. 85, iss. 4

Wellington K. K. Chan, Personal Styles, Cultural Values and Management: The Sincere and Wing On Companies in Shanghai and Hong Kong, 1900-1941, vol. 70, iss. 2

Mukti Khaire, The Indian Fashion Industry and Traditional Indian Crafts, vol. 85, iss. 2

Noel H. Pugach, Standard Oil and Petroleum Development in Early Republican China, vol. 45, iss. 4

Tirthankar Roy, Trading Firms in Colonial India, vol. 88, iss. 1

Shakila Yacob, Ford’s Investment in Colonial Malaya, 1926-1957, vol. 83, iss. 4


Gareth Austin and Chibuike Ugochukwu Uche, Collusion and Competition in Colonial Economies: Banking in British West Africa, 1916-1960, vol. 81, iss. 1

Ian Phimister, Corporate Profit and Race in Central African Copper Mining, 1946-1958, vol. 85, iss. 4

Robert L. Tignor, The Business Firm in Africa, vol. 81, iss. 1

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