Language Teaching - Applied Linguistics Reading Pack

Language Teaching - Applied Linguistics Reading Pack

Language Teaching: Surveys and Studies is the international research resource presenting critical surveys of current knowledge in the field as well as identifying future research needs.

The Language Teaching Applied Linguistics Reading Pack provides an overview of the key content you need if you are looking for an MA or PhD topic or taking on a new group of MA or PhD students this year.

The articles below are a representative sample of what you’ll find in various sections of Language Teaching.  To view click on the titles below:

* State-of-the-art articles – critical survey articles of recent research

Aspects of working memory in L2 learning
Alan Juffs and Michael Harrington

A critical review of age-related research on L2 ultimate attainment
Carmen Muñoz and David Singleton

Language teacher research engagement
Simon Borg

* Research timelines - graphic overviews of the most significant bibliographies in the area

Cognitive development of bilingual children
Raluca Barac and Ellen Bialystok

Second language vocabulary acquisition from language input and from form-focused activities
Batia Laufer

Foreign and second language anxiety
Elaine K. Horwitz

* Critical appraisals of recent research focussing on specific countries and L2s

A review of recent research (2000–2008) on applied linguistics and language teaching with specific reference to L2 Spanish
Marta Antón

Research in English language teaching and learning in Israel (2004–2009)
Larissa Aronin and Bernard Spolsky

* Surveys of key PhD/EdD theses

Review of doctoral research in second language acquisition in Wales (2003–2008)
Tess Fitzpatrick

* Plenary conference speeches from around the world

The symbolic dimensions of the intercultural
Claire Kramsch

Second language acquisition, teacher education and language pedagogy
Rod Ellis

* New section: research agendas and classroom applications of research

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A research agenda
David Little


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