Fast-track scheme

There is a fast-track procedure for papers that will occupy ten or fewer printed pages. These short papers will not be Letters, nor Rapid Communications, nor parts of a longer whole paper, but normal JFM papers that will appear in the Journal unsegregated from regular-track papers, They must not appear in expanded form in JFM or elsewhere. There will be no compromise on the required standards of scientific quality and clarity of writing. The reviewing procedure will be expedited and the aim is to publish these papers about four months from their initial submission.

Fast-track papers should be submitted via the Manuscript Central online submission system to Professor Elisabeth Guazzelli, Professor Nigel Peake or Professor John Wettlaufer with Fast-track selected as the manuscript type.

If a paper is likely to require extensive revision, or grow as a result of the review process, then it will revert to the regular track.

Papers submitted on the fast track must be prepared in LaTeX using jfm.cls so as to ensure that it meets the page limit. Note that JFM is printed in a typeface that is not in the public domain, and that takes up slightly more space than the standard LateX typeface. Therefore 10 printed pages is equivalent to around 9.75 pages in LaTeX using jfm.cls.

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