Hague Journal on the Rule of Law


Julio Faundez, Warwick University, UK
Randy Peerenboom, La Trobe Univerity Melbourne, Australia, and Associate Fellow Oxford University Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, UK
Editorial Board

From the 2015 volume onwards, Hague Journal on the Rule of Law is no longer marketed and distributed by Cambridge Journals on behalf of T.M.C. Asser Press, all enquiries should be directed to Springer.

HJRoL provides a timely forum for the rapidly-expanding field of the rule of law, encapsulating cutting-edge study from all related disciplines.

This unique focal point for the exchange of views between academics and practitioners gives focus to the promotion of the rule of law on both the national and international stage.

The journal aims to deepen and broaden the knowledge of the rule of law and its relation to economic growth, poverty reduction, promotion of democracy, protection of human rights and geopolitical stability. The journal invites and will publish academic articles, practitioner reports and commentary, book reviews and special volumes on major developments and themes in the rule of law field.
Hague Journal on the Rule of Law

ISSN: 1876-4045   EISSN: 1876-4053

Frequency: 2 Issue(s) per year