Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems

Formerly American Journal of Alternative Agriculture
Volumes 1 (1986) - 18 (2003)

Asst. Editor-in-Chief

Rick Welsh Syracuse University, USA
Lydia Oberholtzer Pennsylvania State University, USA
Editorial Board

Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems is a multi-disciplinary journal which focuses on the science that underpins economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable approaches to agriculture and food production. The journal publishes original research and review articles on the economic, ecological, and environmental impacts of agriculture; the effective use of renewable resources and biodiversity in agro-ecosystems; and the technological and sociological implications of sustainable food systems. It also contains a discussion forum, which presents lively discussions on new and provocative topics.
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems

ISSN: 1742-1705   EISSN: 1742-1713

Frequency: 6 Issue(s) per year