Journal of Law and Religion


Silas W. Allard,
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im,
Michael J. Broyde,
M. Christian Green,
Michael J. Perry,
John Witte, Jr.,
Editors and Advisory Board

The Journal of Law and Religion publishes cutting-edge research on religion, human rights, and religious freedom; religion-state relations; religious sources and dimensions of public, private, penal, and procedural law; religious legal systems and their place in secular law; theological jurisprudence; political theology; legal and religious ethics; and more.

The Journal provides a distinguished forum for deep dialogue among Buddhist, Confucian, Christian, Hindu, Indigenous, Jewish, Muslim, and other faith traditions about fundamental questions of law, society, and politics.
Journal of Law and Religion

ISSN: 0748-0814   EISSN: 2163-3088

Frequency: 3 Issue(s) per year