Victorian Literature and Culture

Formerly Browning Institute Studies Volumes 1 (1973) - 18 (1990)


John Maynard, New York University, USA
Adrienne Munich, Stony Brook University, USA
Editorial Board

Victorian Literature and Culture encourages high quality original work concerned with all areas of Victorian literature and culture, including music and the fine arts. The journal presents work at the cutting edge of current research, including exciting new studies in untouched subjects or new methodologies. Contributions are welcomed from internationally established scholars as well as younger members of the profession. Editors' Topics currently being developed: "Victorian India," edited by Mary Ellis Gibson and "The Nineteenth-Century Pacific Rim," edited by Tamara S. Wagner. Review essays form a central part of the journal, and offer an authoritative view of important subjects together with a list of relevant works that serves as an up-to-date bibliography. The Works in Progress section allows the communication of parts of major works well in advance of their final publication. The Special Effects section allows publication of primary materials either previously unavailable or unknown to most readers.

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Victorian Literature and Culture

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