ESAIM: Probability and Statistics


Gérard BIAU and Gilles PAGÈS
Editorial Board

The Journal publishes original research and survey papers in the area of probability and statistics. It covers theoretical and practical aspects, from any related field. Of particular interest are methodological developments with application in other scientific areas; for example biology and genetics, information theory, finance, bioinformatics, random structures and random graphs, econometrics, and physics.

The Journal encourages submissions related to the applications of probability and statistics research, and encompasses all fields where random mathematical modelling is important. The Journal will announce calls for papers in different areas to ensure that the broader community is aware of important issues of both theoretical and practical relevance. It is widely recognised that many recent fascinating developments in probability and statistics arise from research in other fields; ESAIM: P&S is the natural journal for their publication.

The Journal will continue to publish key theoretical research as well as that of a purely practical application.

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ESAIM: Probability and Statistics

ISSN: 1292-8100   EISSN: 1262-3318