Plainsong and Medieval Music

Formerly Journal of the Plainsong & Mediaeval Music Society Volumes 1 (1978) - 13 (1990)


James Borders, University of Michigan, USA
Christian Leitmeir, University of Oxford, UK
Editorial Board

Published twice a year, this journal covers the entire field of plainchant and medieval music. It encompasses Eastern and Western chant, secular lyric, music theory and paleography, performance practice, as well as medieval polyphony, sacred and secular. The chronological scope extends from late antiquity to the early Renaissance and to the present day in the case of chant. In addition to articles embodying original research, the journal publishes book reviews, a list of important recent publications, an annual bibliography of chant research and an annual discography of chant recordings.

Plainsong and Medieval Music

ISSN: 0961-1371   EISSN: 1474-0087