Plant Genetic Resources

Characterization and Utilization


Theo van Hintum, Centre for Genetic Resources, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands
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Plant Genetic Resources is an international journal which provides a forum for describing the application of novel genomic technologies, as well as their integration with established techniques, towards the understanding of the genetic variation captured in both in situ and ex situ collections of crop and non-crop plants; and for the airing of wider issues relevant to plant germplasm conservation and utilisation. We particularly welcome multi-disciplinary approaches that incorporate both a technical and a socio-economic focus. Technical aspects can cover developments in technologies of potential or demonstrated relevance to the analysis of variation and diversity at the phenotypic and genotypic levels; the development of rational germplasm collection, evaluation and conservation strategies; and the impact of crop genetic modification and biotechnology on plant genetic resources. Non-technical aspects can include ethical, legal, commercial and social issues of relevance, in particular relating to farmers’ rights, intellectual property and ethnobotany.
Plant Genetic Resources

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