Metallurgical Research & Technology

Formerly Revue de Métallurgie


Robert ALBERNY, SF2M (French Society for Metallurgy and Materials), Advisor
Jean-Marc STEILER, ArcelorMittal, Advisor
Editorial Board

The journal, created in 1904 by H. Le Chatelier, publishes high-quality peer-reviewed research papers in the field of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. It seeks to strengthen the dialogue between science and industry and emphasise the importance of technological innovation at a time when the metallurgy industry is challenged by issues surrounding energy, raw materials and the environment.

The article types are the following: papers containing technical and economic information; papers on processes, new products and experimental techniques; review articles (state of the art on a specific topic) and original research articles dealing with technical, industrial or scientific aspects.

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Metallurgical Research & Technology

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