Hegel Bulletin

Formerly Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain
Volumes 1 issue 1 (1980) - 33 issue 66 (2012)


Christoph Schuringa, New College of the Humanities, London
Alison Stone, Lancaster University
Editorial Board

Published for the Hegel Society of Great Britain

Hegel Bulletin is a leading English language journal for anyone interested in Hegel’s thought, its context, legacy and contemporary relevance. The Bulletin aims to promote high quality contributions in the field of Hegel studies which is broadly construed to include all aspects of Hegel’s thought, and its relation and relevance to the history of philosophy; Hegelian contributions to all aspects of current philosophical enquiry; German and British Idealism, Marx and Marxism, Critical Theory, American Pragmatism; and studies in the reception history of Hegel and German Idealism.
Hegel Bulletin

ISSN: 2051-5367   EISSN: 2051-5375

Frequency: 2 Issue(s) per year