English Profile Journal

Reporting Research on Reference Level Descriptions for English in the CEFR


Michael McCarthy, University of Nottingham, UK
John Hawkins, University of Cambridge, UK
Editorial Board

The English Profile Journal (EPJ) is a peer reviewed, public domain journal which publishes research which is directly relevant to the English Profile Programme. EPJ will publish articles, plenary talks, notes, and reviews related to English Profile.  Setting standards for English language learners, English Profile is a collaborative research programme registered with the Council of Europe that aims to provide a detailed set of Reference Level Descriptions for English linked to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). English Profile's core partners are the University of Cambridge, the University of Bedfordshire, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge ESOL, the British Council, and English UK. The wider English Profile Network consists of a growing number of academics, government advisers and educationists around the world.

EPJ is closely linked with the website for English Profile www.englishprofile.org, and abstracts from articles may be published on the website.

In ensuring the scope and quality of its content the editors are assisted by the Editorial Board, and all articles considered for publication will be both peer reviewed and also reviewed by one or more members of the Board. To contact the editors, email jxharrison@cambridge.org

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English Profile Journal

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Frequency: 1 Volume(s) per year