The Cambridge Classical Journal

Formerly Proceedings of the Cambridge Philological Society Volume 1 (1882) - Volume 180 (1951) and Volume 1 New Series (1952) - Volume 50 (2004)


Myrto Hatzimichali, University of Cambridge, UK
Oliver Thomas, Nottingham University, UK
Alessandro Launaro, University of Cambridge, UK

Editorial Board

Published on behalf of the Cambridge Philological Society

The Cambridge Classical Journal publishes high-quality scholarly articles in all areas of Greek and Roman studies: literature, philology, philosophy, history, art & archaeology, reception, history of scholarship. CCJ has a publication history dating back to 1882 and is well known for some classic pieces which have changed the direction of the field. It is the journal of the Cambridge Philological Society but invites submissions from all scholars.
The Cambridge Classical Journal

ISSN: 1750-2705   EISSN: 2047-993X

Frequency: 1 Volume(s) per year