Polar Record


A preliminary archaeological survey of a Tupolev TB-3 (ANT-6) aircraft on Ostrov Rudol'fa, Zemlya Frantsa-Iosifa, Russia

P.J. Capelotti a1
a1 Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Penn State University, Abington College, Abington, PA 09001, USA

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The partially snow-covered wreck of specially-modified Arctic variant of the Tupolev TB-3 four-engine bomber was located at Buhkta Teplits [Teplits Bay], Ostrov Rudol'fa [Rudolf Island] in Zemlya Frantsa-Iosifa [Franz Josef Land]. From data gathered, the wreck was subsequently identified as TB-3 (ANT-6) No. 210. This aircraft was piloted by Boris Chukhnovsky during a failed search for another TB-3 (ANT-6), No. 209, which had been lost in August 1937 during an attempt to fly from Moscow over the north pole to the United States. The Teplits TB-3 (ANT-6) wreck represents both the primary aeronautical archaeology of the triumphs and disasters of the Soviet Union's air expeditions to the pole in 1937–1938 and, at 81°47.5'N, is the northernmost aircraft wreck yet identified.

(Received December 2006)