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Parents’ Experiences of Early Parenthood – Preliminary Findings

Rachael Sandersa1 c1, Jennifer Lehmanna1 and Fiona Gardnera1

a1 La Trobe Rural Health School, La Trobe University, Bendigo, Victoria 3552, Australia


Parents are instrumental in the healthy development of their children, and consequently future generations, and should therefore be supported in their parental role. Using a Grounded Theory framework, 24 parents of 0- to 10-year-olds were interviewed about their experiences and preparation for parenthood. Despite their overall satisfaction, many felt underprepared, unsure, alone and inadequate during their transition to parenthood. Most of them felt like they struggled unnecessarily during the first year of parenthood, commenting on changes that would help support new parents. This paper reports the preliminary findings of the study.


  • parent;
  • parenting resources;
  • antenatal education;
  • transition to parenthood


c1 address for correspondence: Rachael Sanders, PhD Candidate, La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia. E-mail: