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Notes and Comments

The Insider–Outsider Dilemma

Johannes Lindvall and David Rueda*

(Online publication March 05 2013)


*  Department of Political Science, Lund University (email:; Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford (email: Support for this research was provided by the Swedish Research Council (Grant Agreement 90184601). Previous versions of this Research Note were presented at Cornell University, the University of Gothenburg, and Nuffield College, Oxford. In addition to the participants in these seminars, we would like to thank Chris Anderson, Pablo Beramendi, Patrick Emmenegger, Geoff Evans, Silja Häusermann, Sara Hobolt, Torben Iversen, Desmond King, Staffan Kumlin, Johan Martinsson, Henrik Oscarsson, Bruno Palier, Georg Picot, Jonas Pontusson, Philipp Rehm, and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser, three anonymous reviewers, and the Editor, Hugh Ward, for their comments and suggestions. Data from the Swedish National Election Surveys are available from the Swedish National Data Archive ( A replication dataset will be made available from the website of the British Journal of Political Science as soon as the 2010 Election Survey is released for general use (