Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care

Original Research Article

Creating a high quality consultant led psychiatric intensive care unit multidisciplinary team ward round

Peter Curtisa1 c1, Faisil Sethia2 and Farhana Ahmeda3

a1 Specialty Registrar, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

a2 Consultant Psychiatrist, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

a3 Locum Consultant Psychiatrist, South West London and St Georges Mental Health Trust


Ward round is an integral platform for patients and the multidisciplinary team to communicate, assess and plan treatment. With such a key process, it is vital that the effectiveness of the ward round is maximised and that reliable follow of information is addressed. This can be achieved using lean methodology.

Aim : To improve the quality of ward rounds, particularly reliability and patient experience.

Method : This is a quantitative quality improvement study that used a plan-do-study-act cycle, including process mapping. The improvements were measured by an objective patient survey, staff survey and a checklist.

Results : Process mapping identified the use of templates for the ward round plan, nursing and medical summaries. There was an increase in the reliability of ward round relating to flow of information measured by the checklist. Patient experience improved, rated by both patient and staff surveys, after series of changes were put in place.

Conclusions : Checklists in the form of templates improved the reliability of information flow for patient treatment. If the multidisciplinary team is clear about what information and tasks are necessary, there will be a more reliable assessment. With the implementation of the plan template, more treatment plans are fully comprehensive enabling the consistent delivery of high quality of care.

(Online publication March 25 2013)


  • Quality improvement;
  • lean;
  • plan-do-study-act;
  • ward round;
  • psychiatric intensive care


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