The Journal of Symbolic Logic


Foundations of mathematics for the working mathematician

N. Bourbaki

University of Nancago

I am very grateful to the Association for Symbolic Logic for inviting me to give this address—an honor which I am conscious of having done very little to deserve. My efforts during the last fifteen years (seconded by those of a number of younger collaborators, whose devoted help has meant more to me than I can adequately express) have been directed wholly towards a unified exposition of all the basic branches of mathematics, resting on as solid foundations as I could hope to provide. I have been working on this as a practical mathematician; in matters pertaining to pure logic, I must confess to being self-taught, and laboring under all the handicaps that this implies; and if, after no little self-questioning, I am speaking here today, I am doing so chiefly in order to enjoy the benefit of your professional advice and criticism, by which I hope to correct my views before I venture into print with them.

(Received December 31 1948)