Journal of the International Phonetic Association

Illustrations of the IPA

Xumi (part 1): Lower Xumi, the variety of the lower and middle reaches of the Shuiluo river

Katia Chirkovaa1 and Yiya Chena2

a1 Centre de Recherches Linguistiques sur l'Asie Orientale, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France

a2 Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition, Leiden, the Netherlands

The Xumi 旭米 language (/EPʃʉ-hĩ ketɕɐ/ ‘the language of the Shu people’) is spoken by approximately 1,800 people who reside along the banks of the Shuiluo River (水洛河) in Shuiluo Township (水洛乡) of Muli Tibetan Autonomous County (木里藏族自治县; smi li rang skyong rdzong in Written Tibetan, hereafter, WT). This county is located in the South-West of Sichuan Province (四川省) in the People's Republic of China (see Figure 1).