A real-time motion planning algorithm for a hyper-redundant set of mechanisms

Nir Shvalba1 c1, Boaz Ben Moshea2 and Oded Medinaa3

a1 Mechanical Engineering, Ariel University, Ariel, Israel

a2 Computer Science, Ariel University, Ariel, Israel

a3 Industrial Engineering, Ariel University, Ariel, Israel


We introduce a novel probabilistic algorithm (CPRM) for real-time motion planning in the configuration space . Our algorithm differs from a probabilistic road map (PRM) algorithm in the motion between a pair of anchoring points (local planner) which takes place on the boundary of the obstacle subspace . We define a varying potential field f on ∂ as a Morse function and follow . We then exemplify our algorithm on a redundant worm climbing robot with n degrees of freedom and compare our algorithm running results with those of the PRM.

(Accepted May 01 2013)

(Online publication June 11 2013)


  • Motion planning;
  • Path planning;
  • Redundant manipulators;
  • Open chain;
  • Serial manipulator design and kinematics;
  • Legged robots;
  • Climbing robots


c1 Corresponding author. E-mail: