Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Research Article

Computable and Continuous Partial Homomorphisms on Metric Partial Algebras

Viggo Stoltenberg-Hansena1 * and John V. Tuckera2 *

a1 Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University, Box 480, S-75106 Uppsala, Sweden. E-mail: viggo@math.uu.se

a2 Department of Computer Science, University of Wales Swansea, Singleton Park, Swansea, SA2 8PP, Wales, E-mail: j.v.tucker@swansea.ac.uk


We analyse the connection between the computability and continuity of functions in the case of homomorphisms between topological algebraic structures. Inspired by the Pour-El and Richards equivalence theorem between computability and boundedness for closed linear operators on Banach spaces, we study the rather general situation of partial homomorphisms between metric partial universal algebras. First, we develop a set of basic notions and results that reveal some of the delicate algebraic, topological and effective properties of partial algebras. Our main computability concepts are based on numerations and include those of effective metric partial algebras and effective partial homomorphisms. We prove a general equivalence theorem that includes a version of the Pour-El and Richards Theorem, and has other applications. Finally, the Pour-El and Richards axioms for computable sequence structures on Banach spaces are generalised to computable partial sequence structures on metric algebras, and we prove their equivalence with our computability model based on numerations.

(Received October 23 2001)

(Revised June 22 2003)


*   Partially supported by Swedish Research Council for Engineering Sciences, Project 221-97-745.