Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Research Article

Future Tasks for Gödel Scholars

John W. Dawson Jr.a1 and Cheryl A. Dawsona1

a1 393 Waters Road, York, Pa 17403, USA E-mail: jwd7too@suscom.net and jwd7@psu.edu


As initially envisioned, Gödel's Collected Works were to include transcriptions of material from his mathematical workbooks. In the end that material, as well as some other manuscript items from Gödel's Nachlass, had to be left out. This note describes some of the unpublished items in the Nachlass that are likely to attract the notice of scholars and surveys the extent of shorthand transcription efforts undertaken hitherto. Some examples of sources outside Gödel's Nachlass that may be of interest to Gödel scholars are also indicated.

(Received October 16 2004)

(Accepted November 24 2004)