Epidemiology and Infection

Trichinellosis acquired in the United Kingdom

L. M.  MILNE  a1 c1, S.  BHAGANI  a2, B. A.  BANNISTER  a2, S. M.  LAITNER  a1, P.  MOORE  a3, D.  EZA  a4 and P. L.  CHIODINI  a5
a1 West Hertfordshire Health Authority, Tonman House, 63-77 Victoria Street, St Albans AL1 3ER
a2 Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, London NW3 2QG
a3 The Maltings Surgery, 8 Victoria Street, St Albans AL1 3JB
a4 Department of Histopathology, Rockefeller Building, University Street, London WC1E 6JJ
a5 Hospital for Tropical Diseases, The Mortimer Market Centre, Capper Street, London WCIE 6AU


An outbreak of trichinellosis that occurred in the United Kingdom is described. Members of four households consumed pork salami from northern Serbia, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Eight cases of trichinellosis occurred. Clinical and laboratory features of the cases were typical with myalgia (7 cases), fever (6), headache (5), periorbital oedema (4), non-specific ST/T wave changes on electrocardiogram (3), Trichinella antibodies (6), eosinophilia (7) and raised serum creatine kinase (3). All recovered. Trichinella larvae were detected in the salami. During pre-travel counselling, travellers should be advised about possible risk from cured pork products which have been produced locally in Trichinella endemic areas.

(Accepted April 10 2001)

c1 Author for correspondence.