Bulletin of Entomological Research

Research Article

Comparative development, longevity and population growth of exotic and native parasitoids of lepidopteran cereal stemborers in Kenya

J.C. Mbapilaa1 and W.A. Overholta2 c1

a1 Kilombero Agricultural Research and Training Institute (KATRIN), Private Bag, Ifakara, Tanzania

a2 International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), PO Box 30772, Nairobi, Kenya


Studies on the effect of temperature on the development, longevity and population growth of Cotesia flavipes Cameron and Cotesia sesamiae (Cameron) indicated that the development of both Cotesia spp. from oviposition to cocoon formation and adult emergence was inversely to temperature. The longevity of the parasitoids was also inversely related to temperature. Both parasitoids lived longer when moisture and food (agar + honey/water) were provided. The mean number of females and total adult progeny produced by C. flavipes on two host were, in most cases, higher than C. sesamiae. The intrinsic rate of natural increase of C. flavipes was higher than that of C. sesamiae.

(Accepted June 03 2001)


c1 *Fax: 254 2 803360/860110 E-mail: woverholt@icipe.org