Australasian Journal of Special Education


Transition and Students With Twice Exceptionality  *

Susan Prior 

Southern Cross University, Lismore Campus, NSW, Australia


Twice exceptional is one of the terms used to describe students who have giftedness and a disability. This is a small heterogeneous population of individual learners who are underserved in special, gifted, and mainstream education settings. Despite the availability of research on transition for students with disabilities, there is little research or literature available on transition for students who experience twice exceptionality (2E). This paper provides a review of the literature available on 2E, taking a lifespan perspective and a school transitions context for students experiencing 2E. Finally, the synthesis of 2E and transition highlights a potential way forward in the research across special, gifted, mainstream and inclusive education to transform student profiling, identification and transition.


  • twice exceptional;
  • gifted;
  • disabilities;
  • transition;
  • special education


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*  This manuscript was accepted under the Guest Editorship of Chris Forlin.