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From the Solar Corona to Clusters of Galaxies: The Radio Astronomy of Bruce Slee

Wayne Orchiston

Australia Telescope National Facility, PO Box 76, Epping NSW 2121, Australia. (e-mail:


Owen Bruce Slee is one of the pioneers of Australian radio astronomy. During World War II he independently discovered solar radio emission, and, after joining the CSIRO Division of Radiophysics, used a succession of increasingly more sophisticated radio telescopes to examine an amazing variety of celestial objects and phenomena. These ranged from the solar corona and other targets in our solar system, to different types of stars and the ISM in our Galaxy, and beyond to distant galaxies and clusters of galaxies. Although long retired, Slee continues to carry out research, with emphasis on active stars and clusters of galaxies. A quiet and unassuming man, Slee has spent more than half a century making an important, wide-ranging contribution to astronomy, and his work deserves to be more widely known.

(Received May 08 2003)

(Accepted September 27 2003)


  • biographies;
  • Bruce Slee;
  • radio continuum: galaxies;
  • radio continuum: ISM;
  • radio continuum: stars;
  • stars: flare;
  • Sun: corona