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Research Article

Long-Term Changes in the Periods of SX Phe

H. Landesa1, K. R. Bamberya1 c1, D. W. Coatesa1 and K. Thompsona1

a1 School of Physics, Building 27, Monash University, Melbourne VIC 3800, Australia


We have used times of maximum light for SX Phe, obtained by ourselves and other workers over 55 years to study the behaviour of the fundamental and first overtone radial pulsation modes of the star. We find (1/P 0)dP 0/dt to be (+2.53 ± 0.05) × 10−8 yr−1 and (1/P 1)dP 1/dt to be (−1.60 ± 0.03) × 10−7 yr−1, which differ significantly from the value +1.9 × 10−9 yr−1 expected if the changes are due to standard evolution of the star. The residuals in O–C from a quadratic fit cannot be explained by a light–time effect in a binary. There is some evidence that the amplitudes of the two modes change slowly with time.

(Received October 24 2006)

(Accepted March 29 2007)


  • stars: oscillations;
  • stars: Population II;
  • stars: variables: Delta Scuti;
  • stars: individual: SX Phe


c1 Corresponding author. Email: