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Astrometric Observations of Wide Southern Double Stars – II

Christina Bauera1, Graeme L. Whitea1, David L. Blanka1 c1, Alex Honsa1 and Paul A. Jonesa2

a1 Centre for Astronomy, James Cook University, Townsville QLD 4811, Australia

a2 School of Physics, University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW 2052, Australia


Astrometric CCD observations have been made of wide (∼3 to 60 arcsec) southern double stars selected from the Washington Double Star catalogue (WDS). Southern double stars have not been well studied in the past; typically they had not been measured since about 1930, and ∼50% of them have been observed only once before our observations. Of the pairs measured ∼80% show no evidence of motion since the last observation. This is Paper II in which we present the observations of 290 WDS stars in the approximate RA range 17h 13m to 07h 30m and in the declination range −70° to −60°. We suggest 412 companions for these 290 stars and list 29 (10%) pairs that have shown significant motion.

(Received July 20 2007)

(Accepted September 05 2007)


  • Stars: double, multiple, binary


c1 Corresponding author. Email: