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A Pilot Survey for the H2O Southern Galactic Plane Survey

Andrew J. Walsha1 c1, Nadia Loa2a3, Michael G. Burtona2, Graeme L. Whitea1, Cormac R. Purcella4, Steven N. Longmorea5, Chris J. Phillipsa3 and Kate J. Brooksa3

a1 Centre for Astronomy, James Cook University, Townsville, QLD 4811, Australia

a2 School of Physics, University of NSW, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia

a3 Australia Telescope National Facility, CSIRO, PO Box 76, Epping, NSW 1710, Australia

a4 Alan Turing Building, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK

a5 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60, Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA


We describe observations with the Mopra radiotelescope designed to assess the feasibility of the H2O Maser Southern Galactic Plane Survey. We mapped two one-square-degree regions along the Galactic plane using the new 12-mm receiver and the UNSW Mopra spectrometer. We covered the entire spectrum between 19.5 and 27.5 GHz using this setup with the main aim of finding out which spectral lines can be detected with a quick mapping survey. We report on detected emission from H2O masers, NH3 inversion transitions (1,1), (2,2) and (3,3), HC3N (3–2), as well as several radio recombination lines.

(Received January 21 2008)

(Accepted March 25 2008)


  • masers;
  • surveys;
  • stars: formation;
  • ISM: molecules;
  • Galaxy: structure


c1 Corresponding author. Email: