MRS Proceedings


High-temperature thermoelectric properties of W-substituted CaMnO3

2012 MRS Fall Meeting.

Dimas S. Alfaruqa1, James Eilertsena1, Philipp Thiela1, Myriam H Aguirrea1, Eugenio Otala1, Sascha Populoha1, Songhak Yoona1 and Anke Weidenkaffa1 c1

a1 Empa, Solid State Chemistry and Catalysis, Ueberlandstrasse. 129, CH-8600 Duebendorf, Switzerland


The thermoelectric properties of W-substituted CaMn1-xWxO3-δ (x = 0.01, 0.03; 0.05) samples, prepared by soft chemistry, were investigated from 300 K to 1000 K and compared to Nb-substituted CaMn0.98Nb0.02O3-δ. All compositions exhibit both an increase in absolute Seebeck coefficient and electrical resistivity with temperature. Moreover, compared to the Nb-substituted sample, the thermal conductivity of the W-substituted samples was strongly reduced. This reduction is attributed to the nearly two times greater mass of tungsten. Consequently, a ZT of 0.19 was found in CaMn0.97W0.03O3-δ at 1000 K, which was larger than ZT exhibited by the 2% Nb-doped sample.

Key Words:

  • thermoelectricity;
  • oxide;
  • x-ray diffraction (XRD)


c1 Corresponding Author: