Journal of Navigation

Research Article

Modified GPS/Pseudolite Navigation Message

Jacek Rapinskia1 c1, Slawomir Cellmera1 and Zofia Rzepeckaa1

a1 (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland)


One of the issues regarding integrated GPS/pseudolite measurements is how to deliver a pseudolite's position to a receiver or to post-processing software and how to manage it. This paper presents a proposed solution to this problem. The standard navigation message is modified in such way that without changing receivers (or post-processing software), the calculated position of a transmitter is fixed at a pseudolite's known position. The formulae for modification of standard Ephemeris Data are also derived. This algorithm can be implemented in a transmitter's firmware or a navigation data file can be modified for post-processing.

(Online publication March 23 2012)


  • Pseudolites;
  • Navigation Message;
  • Ephemeris Data


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