Legal Information Management

Legal Literature: Unlocking Access

Pro Bono Publico: Open Access Online Publication at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies  1

Steven Whittle


In this paper Steven Whittle describes recent work at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies to provide open online access to the IALS/SALS official journal Amicus Curiae and selected papers from the Institute's annual W. G. Hart Legal Workshop. It discusses some of the issues involved in a transition from print to web publication and looks at the benefits anticipated from additional web delivery.


  • legal journals;
  • free legal information;
  • open access

Steven Whittle, BA, MA is the Information Systems Manager at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London. He is web editor for the IALS web site ( and helped to develop a number of national online services for law on the IALS site. In 2010 he was honoured to receive the Wallace Breem Award from the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL) in recognition of his work on these services. Email:


1   With apologies to my old Latin teacher who probably taught me better (using a classic '70s course centred around three years in the lives of a nice family living in Pompeii – that didn't end well but did get me an O level surprisingly).