The Journal of Hellenic Studies

Research Article

Attic Black-figured Fragments from Naucratis

J. D. Beazley and H. G. G. Payne

We understand that it is not proposed to publish the Attic vase-fragments found at Naucratis in the London section of the Corpus Vasorum: we have therefore asked Mr. Walters for permission to publish a selection of them; and our request has been kindly granted.

The fragments are all from Naucratis, except Nos. 11 and 50. In references to the Corpus Vasorum we omit the rubric III He, and represent III Hd by d only. We refer freely to the second Oxford fascicule, soon to appear, of Corpus Vasorum; to Payne's forthcoming Necrocorinthia (abbreviated N.); and to Beazley, Attic Black-figure: a Sketch (abbreviated ABS.). We had hoped to give page-references to Necrocorinthia: but the page-proof has been held up.