British Journal of Nutrition

Research Article

The effect of lactation and other factors on post-partum changes in body-weight and triceps skinfold thickness

A. E. Dugdalea1 and J. Eaton-evansa1 p1

a1 Human Nutrition Research Group, Department of Child Health, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Q4067, Australia


1. Mothers were followed from 1 month post-partum up to 12 months post-partum to measure changes in their body-weight and triceps skinfold thickness.

2. Overall there was a significant weight loss in the first few months but this levelled off by 7 months.

3. The triceps skinfold increased significantly up to 5 months post-partum and then decreased.

4. These changes in body-weight and skinfold were not affected by the duration of lactation, smoking or the educational achievement of the mothers, but were influenced by the initial body mass index and the desire to lose weight.

(Received January 25 1988)

(Accepted September 22 1988)


p1 Biomedical Sciences Research Centre, Department of Biology, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland.