Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling


Establishing the Psychometric Properties of an Interactive, Self-Regulation Assessment Battery for Young Offenders

Annemaree Carrolla1 c1, Francene Hemingwaya1, Adrian Ashmana1 and Julie Bowera1

a1 The University of Queensland, School of Education, Australia


This research investigated the reliability and validity of the Mindfields Assessment Battery (MAB), measuring three components of self-regulation (forethought, performance control, self-reflection) of young offenders. Participants were 57 12- to 18-year-olds from youth justice service centres, alternative education schools, and a youth correctional facility (Nmales = 46; NIndigenous = 7). Psychometric properties of the battery were sound with adequate alpha levels for the scales. The factor structure and internal reliability of three measures were replicated and validated. Positive significant correlations found between these subscales indicated consistent relationships with young people's responses to challenging situations. Prodelinquency scores were significantly positively correlated with minor misdemeanours and negatively correlated with social competency. Significant positive correlations were found between social competence and goal commitment, and self-regulation and life satisfaction. The battery provides a reliable, valid way of assessing forethought, performance control, self-reflection, and treatment amenability within the conceptual framework of self-regulation.

(Online publication June 15 2012)


  • juvenile delinquency;
  • antisocial behaviour;
  • self-regulation;
  • impulsivity;
  • goal setting


c1 address for correspondence: Associate Professor Annemaree Carroll, The University of Queensland, School of Education, Brisbane QLD 4072, Australia. Email: