MRS Proceedings


Simple Structure and High Efficiency Phosphorescent OLEDs Using Narrow Band-gap Bipolar Host Material

2012 MRS Spring Meeting.

Young Hoon Sona1 and Jang Hyuk Kwona1 c1

a1 Dept. of Inform. Display, Kyung Hee Univerisity, Dongdaemoon-ku, Seoul 130-701, Korea.


We report high-efficiency phosphorescent blue OLEDs with an organic three stacked structure. Using a high-triplet-energy-hole transporting material of TAPC and a high-triplet-energy-electron transporting material of TmPyPB, the organic three stacked structure has been realized with three new narrow band-gap blue host materials. These host materials have bipolar characteristics and high triplet energy of >2.8 eV. Very low onset voltages of 2.8~3.0 V and driving voltages of 4.2~4.6 V to obtain a brightness of 1000 cd/m2 are achieved in this three stacked device configuration. Maximum external quantum efficiency above 20% is reported.


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