The Canadian Entomologist


A Review of Ciconiphilus Bedford (Mallophaga: Menoponidae)1

Roger D. Pricea1 and James R. Beera1

a1 Department of Entomology, Fisheries, and Wildlife, University of Minnesota, St. Paul


Eight species of Ciconiphilus from the Ciconiiformes and Anseriformes are discussed and illustrated; two of these are newly described: melanolophi. (type-host: Gorsachius m. melanolophus) and cygni (type-host: Cygnus cygnus). New synonymies include: quadripustulatus (Burm.) (= maculipes Gieb., planiceps Piag., cingulatum Piag.); temporalis (Piag.) (= femoratum Piag.); decimfasciatus (B. & L.) (= nyctarde Denny, obscurum Gieb., castaneum Piag., boisduvali Eichler, doriabagla Ausari). C. matosi (Tendeiro) is a new combination. A key is given to the species.

(Received November 27 1964)


1 Paper No. 5551, Scientific Journal Series, Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101.

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