The Annual of the British School at Athens

Research Article

The Frankish Tower on the Acropolis, Athens: The Photographs of William J. Stillman1

Peter Lock


The photographs taken in 1869 by William J. Stillman, in the Alma-Tadema collection in the Library of the University of Birmingham, give detailed evidence for the form of the tower, enlarging the discussion of it by the author in BSA 81.


1 I would like to thank Professor R. A. Tomlinson for drawing my attention to the existence of the Stillman photographs and for giving me the opportunity of commenting upon them. They came to light after my paper on ‘The Frankish Towers of Central Greece’, BSA 81 (1986) 101–23 gone to press and they do modify a number of points that I made about the Acropolis tower therein. For the Alma-Tadema collection, see p. 297, R. A. Tomlinson, ‘The Acropolis of Athens in the 1870's: The evidence of the Alma-Tadema photographs’.