Powder Diffraction

Two-Dimensional Detectors

Introduction to two-dimensional X-ray diffraction

Bob Baoping Hea1 c1

a1 Bruker Advanced X-ray Solutions, Inc., 5465 East Cheryl Parkway, Madison, Wisconsin 53711


Two-dimensional X-ray diffraction refers to X-ray diffraction applications with two-dimensional detector and corresponding data reduction and analysis. The two-dimensional diffraction pattern contains far more information than a one-dimensional profile collected with the conventional diffractometer. In order to take advantage of two-dimensional diffraction, new theories and approaches are necessary to configure the two-dimensional X-ray diffraction system and to analyze the two-dimensional diffraction data. This paper is an introduction to some fundamentals about two-dimensional X-ray diffraction, such as geometry convention, diffraction data interpretation, and advantages of two-dimensional X-ray diffraction in various applications, including phase identification, stress, and texture measurement.

(Received February 07 2003)

(Accepted April 01 2003)


c1 Electronic mail: bhe@bruker-axs.com