Social Policy and Society

Themed Section on Exploring Parent Abuse

Adolescent to Parent Violence and Youth Justice in England and Wales

Rachel Condrya1 and Caroline Milesa2

a1 Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford E-mail:

a2 Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford E-mail:


Adolescent to parent violence is a problem which remains largely unarticulated within youth justice policy literature and academic discourse in England and Wales. This article presents research evidence suggesting that adolescent to parent violence is a significant problem which needs to be clearly addressed in the youth justice policy agenda. Although it is widely recognised by practitioners and regularly encountered in their work, there is a ‘silence’ at the policy level and a lack of appropriate support services or responses. The article considers reasons for the absence of adolescent to parent violence in youth justice policy and argues for the importance of recognising and defining the problem and for the development of appropriate responses.