Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management


International Tourists' Concerns About Traditional Foods in Ghana

Francis Eric Amuquandoha1 c1

a1 University of Cape Coast, Ghana.


A thorough understanding of tourists' concerns about traditional foods and the factors that influence this understanding are necessary for the promotion and development of successful food tourism in Ghana. The data about tourists' concerns on traditional foods in Ghana were obtained from a random sample of 675 outbound international tourists at the departure lounge of the Kotoka International Airport between February and March, 2010. Sanitation emerged as the major gray area of attitudes to Ghana's traditional foods with the concerns being more expressed among elderly, women, and Muslim tourists. Based on the findings, it was recommended that the Food and Drugs Board and the Ghana Tourist Board, the two agencies charged with the responsibility of regulating and controlling standards in the food industry, be well resourced to perform their expected roles effectively.


  • concerns;
  • international tourists;
  • safety;
  • traditional foods


c1 Address for correspondence: Francis Eric Amuquandoh, PhD, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Manage ment, University of Cape Coast, Ghana.