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The Relationship Between Student Psychological Wellbeing, Behaviour and Educational Outcomes: A Lesson From the MindMatters Plus Demonstration Schools

Sarah Andersona1 c1

a1 Australian Guidance and Counselling Associatio.


The aim of the MM+ initiative is to build the capacity of secondary schools to ensure optimal outcomes of students with high needs in the area of mental health. This is important for many reasons including the fact that poor psychological wellbeing in students has been found to lead to behavioural difficulties at school that can then serve as obstacles to learning and further development. Therefore, it is important for schools to focus on supporting students with high mental health needs in order to improve student wellbeing, behaviour and academic potential. The following article discusses the research findings in regard to these relationships. These findings are also examined within a discussion of how schools can help to improve emotional and behavioural problems from within the classroom, including tips about how this was achieved by the MindMatters Plus demonstration schools.


c1 Address for Correspondence: Sarah Anderson, Australian Guidance and Counselling Association (AGCA), 9–11 George St., Hindmarsh, South Australia 5007, Australia.