Politics & Gender

The State of Feminist Security Studies: A Conversation

Feminist Politics in Feminist Security Studies

Annick T. R. Wibbena1

a1 University of San Francisco

Feminist Security Studies (FSS) is quickly becoming a recognized area of research. Recent articles in Security Studies (Sjoberg 2009) and International Security (Hudson et al. 2008/9) specifically address the contributions of FSS to the field of security studies, a network of scholars working in FSS is regularly represented at the Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, and the terminology has been used in many recent publications (e.g. Hansen 2009; Shepherd 2010; Sjoberg and Martin 2010; Wibben 2009, 2011). Given the proliferation of feminist security scholarship, which is based on a variety of feminisms, feminist scholars should begin to debate the content and scope of their research. Not only is there now enough material to do so, but there also are some real differences in feminist scholarship—and these differences matter.

(Online publication February 20 2012)

Annick T. R. Wibben is Associate Professor of Politics at University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA: awibben@usfca.edu