Powder Diffraction

Laboratory Note

X-ray powder diffraction characterization of iron microparticles on a Bruker SMART1000 single-crystal X-ray diffractometer

Joseph H. Reibenspiesa1 c1 and Nattamai Bhuvanesha1

a1 Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 77843-3255


A method to characterize iron oxide microparticles by microquantity X-ray powder diffraction is presented. The method employs small sections of acrylic tubing and double sided Mylar® tape that fits over a standard 170 mm collimator for a Bruker-AXS SMART 1000 or APEXII three-circle single-crystal diffractometer (Mo X-ray tube). The tubing will hold and position a sample that is placed on the double-sided Mylar® tape and allow for rapid specimen mounting/dismounting and data collection. The method is simple, portable, and readily adapted to a variety of single-crystal X-ray diffractometers.

(Received June 17 2009)

(Accepted July 16 2009)

Key Words:

  • microquantity X-ray powder diffraction;
  • microparticles;
  • iron oxide;
  • single-crystal diffractometer


c1 Electronic mail: j-reibenspies@tamu.edu