Powder Diffraction

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Tests of microstructure reconstruction by forward modeling of high energy X-ray diffraction microscopy data

C. M. Hefferana1 c1, S. F. Lia1, J. Linda1 and R. M. Sutera1

a1 Department of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213


Verification tests of the forward modeling technique for near-field high energy X-ray diffraction microscopy are conducted using two simulated microstructures containing uniformly distributed orientations. Comparison between the simulated and reconstructed microstructures is examined with consideration to both crystallographic orientation and spatial geometric accuracy. To probe the dependence of results on experimental parameters, simulated data sets use two different detector configurations and different simulated experimental protocols; in each case, the parameters mimic the experimental geometry used at Advanced Photon Source beamline 1-ID. Results indicate that element orientations are distinguishable to less than 0.1°, while spatial geometric accuracy is limited by the detector resolution.

(Received February 12 2010)

(Accepted April 08 2010)

Key words

  • microstructure;
  • synchrotron radiation;
  • high energy diffraction microscopy;
  • nondestructive orientation imaging


c1 Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Electronic mail: cheffera@andrew.cmu.edu