British Journal of Nutrition

Human and Clinical Nutrition

Beneficial effects of catechin-rich green tea and inulin on the body composition of overweight adults

Hsin-Yi Yanga1a2, Suh-Ching Yanga3, Jane C.-J. Chaoa3 and Jiun-Rong Chena2a3 c1

a1 Department of Nutrition, I-Shou University, Yanchao District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, ROC

a2 Nutrition Research Center, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

a3 Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences, Taipei Medical University, 250 Wu-Hsin Street, Taipei 110, Taiwan, ROC


Green tea catechin has been proposed to have an anti-obesity effect. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether the effect of catechin-rich green tea in combination with inulin affects body weight and fat mass in obese and overweight adults. A total of thirty subjects were divided into a control group and an experimental group who received 650 ml tea or catechin-rich green tea plus inulin. A reduction of body weight ( − 1·29 (sem 0·35) kg) and fat mass (0·82 (sem 0·27) kg) in the experimental group was found after 6 weeks, and no adverse effects were observed. After refraining from consumption for 2 weeks, sustained effects on body weight and fat mass were observed. We conclude that continuous intake of catechin-rich green tea in combination with inulin for at least 3 weeks may be beneficial for weight management.

(Received December 08 2010)

(Revised December 16 2010)

(Accepted February 09 2011)

(Online publication October 28 2011)


c1 Corresponding author: J.-R. Chen, fax +886 2 2737 3112, email


Abbreviations: EGCG, epigallocatechin gallate