Journal of Germanic Linguistics


Language, Migration, and Spaces of Representation

Patrick Stevensona1 c1

a1 University of Southampton


The study of relationships between language and place has a long tradition in the context of Germanic languages, from 19th century dialect geography to late 20th century contact linguistics. However, thecontemporary processes of migration, coupled with the emergence of new communication technologies and structural changes in the economies of states and regions, have created challenges for the study of linguistic practices and their place in the lives of individuals and socialgroups. The preceding papers in this volume take these challenges as an opportunity to reflect in new ways on past migrations. This concluding paper discusses the contributions they make to the study of language, migration, and place in relation to (speakers of) Germanic language varieties in North America and suggests ways in which they open up different spaces of representation.


c1 University of Southampton, Department of Modern Languages, Faculty of Humanities, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK, []